Established in 2006, NRL Content is the custodian of the entire collection of all rugby league match vision and produced content. As part of its mandate, NRL Content receives vision of all matches from its broadcast partners. In addition, NRL Content produces a huge amount of non-match content for a vast range of events, marketing and promotional activities. In 2015 NRL Content brought back in-house all NRL associated match and event photography as well as the archived photo library dating back to 1979.

This content is stored by NRL Content for preservation, access and future retrieval purposes. Match vision and produced content consists of a mix of digitised and non-digitised vision.

The digital vision supports the NRL to engage the following areas of the community:

  • Enables the NRL’s own promotion of game, either with the use of NRL match vision via Television Commercials or during internally organised events
  • Enables the NRL to support our sponsors with the use of NRL match vision for their own NRL related promotion and marketing material
  • Enables NRL Films to support internal NRL departments when NRL match vision for any packages that are being produced
  • Provides all 16 NRL Clubs with access to NRL match vision on request for the Club’s use
  • For more information or requests please contact us.