Frequently Asked Questions /

Using the box on the homepage, write your relevant keyword that you want to search for, then click the search icon to the right of the box. This will take you to the search results based on your keyword search.

Go to the Advanced Search page by clicking the search icon. Use the filters in the order they are placed to refine your search. For example, choose the competition first, then the year followed by the round then you will be given a list of games to choose from in the selected round. Choose the match (game) you want to view the images.

Another way is via the related collection for that game. If it is a recent match/game it may be on the homepage collection list otherwise use the collection page and find the relevant collection for that game.

Go to the Advanced Search page by clicking the search icon then pick your team from the Team drop down menu. This will return all images with your desired team. You can then use the filters to choose assets from a particular year, competition and round.

Another way is via the related collection for that team. Navigate to the homepage and select your team from the Browse by team section.

By searching for the event name in the search bar. This will return all the related images on NRL Imagery for your searched phrase.

Another way you can find the relevant event is in a collection on the homepage (if recent) or by going to the collection page to get a full list of collections on NRL Imagery.

Lightboxes can be used to organise personal collections of images in your NRL Imagery account. The customisation and sharing of your lightboxes with your friends/family/colleagues is available through your ‘My Account’ settings here. To view the contents of the lightbox, click its name.

When you find an image that you would like to add to a lightbox, simply click the lightbulb icon next to the image. When viewing the image’s page, there is a large “Add to Lightbox” button. Both methods allow you to add to a lightbox. You will then be asked which lightbox you would like to add the image. This is also the place where you can create your lightboxes.

Go to your lightboxes here and then select the “Share Lightbox” link for the lightbox that you would like to share. Lightboxes are shared via email, enter the destination email address and click the “SEND” button. The recipient will receive an email with a link to view the contents of your lightbox. (The contents themselves are NOT transmitted via email.)

If you are unable to share your lightbox, make sure it’s public and not private. To check this, edit the lightbox and make sure that the public setting is set to yes. Once, it is set to yes then you are able to share your lightbox.